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OCEANZ is the bass music production of Derek Outson. Honing the framework of his electronic career in Chicago under various monikers and nationally touring group acts, the sounds of OCEANZ now embody the new dawn of his solo work.

After re-locating to his homestate of Nebraska and redefining the archetecture of his music, OCEANZ has been errupting in the underground bass music scene.

Blasting all original sets, OCEANZ has supported such acts as G Jones, Boogie T, SQUNTO, Borgore, Shades, 12th Planet, DMVU, Buku, Chee, Tsuruda, Mersiv, The Widdler, Yookie, as well as hit festival stages such as Kosmic Kingdom 3 consecutive years, Basswoods, River Jam, 712 Boom, Power & Progress and more.

In 2018, OCEANZ co-founded the record label/entertainment group BLACK MAGIK, signing seven fresh new acts, currating countless electronic shows from arena-filling international artists to exciting underground club shows, all while releasing 100+ tracks of his ever-progressing original music and riding a seemingly constant tour schedule.

OCEANZ is exploring the deep trenches of invokative bass music making a fresh wave of his own.

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